Sagar is situated in the heart of Malnad area.To provide higher education to the students of this rgion, the college was started in 1964 by philanthropists of the region,led by eminant persons like Late Shri K.G.Wodeyar,Sri K.V.Subbanna and Sri k.H.Shrinivasa. The Foundation stone of the college was laid by SriLal Bahadur Shastry, the then Prime minister of India. Shri M.Gopalkrishna Adiga, the great Kannada Poet, was the foundder Principal.

Our Motto

"Verily humankind is one" - PampaPampa, a 10th C.Kannada poet is regarded as the Aadi Kavi of Kannada.The statement reflects how oneness of varied cultures, religious and people lies at the heart of Kannada and the Indian worldview.The college motto tries to install this spirt of oneness in students.

Our Vision

To provide quality education to the students of Malnad area and prepare them to face the challenges of 21st century.
To become a beacon of knowledge to the surrounding society and contribute to the overall
development of the Malnad region and also try to retain its unique culture,ecosystem,flora and fauna etc.
To increase talent pool,computer literacy and enhance higher education standards and information technology penetration.